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    Collaborative Fund
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    • marius3 years ago

      Once wrote and published a blog post every single day. I learned a TON while doing so. Especially to write eloquent texts effortlessly. This article encouraged me to continue this practice.

    • jeff3 years ago

      I think it would be difficult to pack any more wisdom and good advice into a three minute article. I feel like it applies to programming as well. It's often hard to find the motivation to type out a bunch of code you know isn't quite right and will have to be reworked almost immediately but it's way better than trying to brute-force it all in your head.

    • bartadamley
      3 years ago

      One of my goals for 2021... is to focus more on being consistent with my creative output when it comes to writing.

      Turning gut feelings into tools means understanding their origin, limits, and how they interact with other ideas. Which requires turning them into words. And writing is the best way to do that.

      It helps that I use a tool (Roam Research) which has me continually pondering, and further examining the things I take notes on... as it reveals quite a bit about the inner workings of my mind.

      However, it is also makes one realize how the information we consume/interact with really impacts our psyche... in great ways, as well as bad ways. Dependent upon the context.

    • chrissetiana
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      3 years ago

      It’s the process that matters.

    • Pegeen
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      3 years ago

      Really a great little article - says a lot. Loved this - “You might be able to hold focus just briefly in your head, but a sentence on paper has all the patience in the world...”

    • Florian3 years ago

      Things the mind tends to gloss over the pen tends to highlight

    • deephdave
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      3 years ago

      Writing crystallizes ideas in ways thinking on its own will never accomplish.