What is Readup?
  1. Readup is a social reading platform that respects your time and rewards your attention.

    A woman and man sit on a bench under a tree.
							The woman enjoys reading a long article on her phone, the man is scrolling through social media feeds.
    No paywalls or ads on Readup

    Made for readers, by readers

    Readup is built by people who love deep reading. Our apps and browser extensions remove distractions from articles.

    The best articles from the web

    A vibrant community

    Not sure what to read? The Readup community curates the best of the best from across the web.

    Transparent recommendation algorithms

    Algorithms you can trust

    There are no filter-bubble algorithms behind Readup. Readup is open, and everyone sees the same great articles.

    Readup requires you to read the article if you want to comment on it.

    Read-certified comments

    Readup requires you to read an article before commenting on it. This is key to true civil discourse.

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    A small group of volunteers builds and maintains Readup. Help us keep the service up and running!

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