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    • Alexa3 years ago

      gotta love AHP. I get so wigged out by the super-productivity focused game these days.

      This sums up the tension perfectly:

      This is the dystopian reality of productivity culture. Its mandate is never “You figured out how to do my tasks more efficiently, so you get to spend less time working.” It is always: “You figured out how to do your tasks more efficiency, so you must now do more tasks.”

      • Darko3 years ago

        Definitely relate with this:

        "This is when people burn out, quit, adopt entirely new attitudes towards what kind of work they want to fill their days with, and/or get radicalized."

        The whole time I was reading this article I was thinking that it does take a collective effort, and an accumulation of social capital, to push back on this trend. So I fully agree with how the author emphasized that "We have to collectively reject the engine of endless growth." It puts the onus on us. I see some people around me already doing a good job of that.

    • bartadamley3 years ago

      Woah. This is a powerful article. Really makes me think twice when falling down any productivity rabbit hole.

      Great find @Alexa

      I’m not scared that a robot is going to be able to write a blog post, or write my next book. I’m scared that I’ll be expected to write five books in the time I would’ve previously been expected to write one — and for the same amount of pay.

    • deephdave
      Top reader of all timeReading streakScoutScribe
      3 years ago

      Problem at work? Yours to fix. And when it comes to the office, the easiest, most accessible solution will always be work more. But that’s the attitude that led us here. Knowledge workers have embraced our own deskilling, and the subsequent de-valuing of our labor, and rebranded it as personal productivity. We have downloaded so many fucking apps, bought so many planners, read so many life hacks, all in service of our continued debasement.