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    • gena4 years ago

      Good thing to start off a sunny day

    • Abarlet4 years ago

      Thank you for acknowledging the fear factor.

    • Pegeen
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      4 years ago

      Really proactive solutions - love it. I agree with chrissetiana take away: “So let’s make empathy and connection even more contagious than fear.”

    • chrissetiana
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      4 years ago

      So let’s make empathy and connection even more contagious than fear.

      • [user]4 years ago

        This comment was deleted on 4/7/2020

    • Florian4 years ago

      Definitely some great tips but the author left out that something as simple as enough sleep and a healthy diet dill also do wonders for your immune system (and likely also reduce your stress levels)

      • jeff4 years ago

        Good point. Exercise, too! Self-care is so important.

        • Florian4 years ago

          Yes! Good point. Exercise outside actually because of vitamin D.

    • Lravi204 years ago


    • theivanfranco4 years ago

      Great read! Stay safe and grounded everyone :)

    • TripleG
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      4 years ago

      Yes. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!

    • jbuchana4 years ago

      Thoughts model reality.