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    • chrissetiana
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      2 years ago

      Small, selfish acts like that say a lot about a person.

      It's always the little things, the things we do without really thinking, that leaves an impression with people.

    • Abarlet3 years ago

      Cell phones are a new reality of this century, but being late is a timeless issue. (I didn’t intend that to be a pun). I had a meeting with an old friend yesterday at noon and I joked with him that he is like clockwork with his punctuality. And that was meant to be a compliment and he took it as one. Indeed it is just being respectful of the other person’s time.

    • joanne
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      3 years ago

      So true and relatively easy. Cell phones are my biggest annoyance. I feel like they are an intrusion by simply being seen. I grew up with a Mom that was always late and I decided early on that I would not have a life rushing while looking at clocks. It’s stuck with me for fifty years.

    • Jank3 years ago

      We are taught from an early age to be on time. We got marked up in school for tardiness, put in timeout, made an example of. But people still don’t learn. Those late kids grow up to become late adults who get fired for being late.

      There are two coworkers at my buisness that work a two person shift consisting of opening, operating, and closing a small coffee shop. I recently learned that employee #2 has never been on time and that employee #1 has done all the opening procedures single handily since they started working together. One morning employee #2 came in late , revealing they apparently could have been on time and chose not to. ” I could have been 5 minutes early or 5 minutes late, so of course I chose 5 minutes late”, #2 said to #1, who had been showing up even earlier to counter the tardiness of #2.

      This was an act of tardiness so self-absorbed, it was as if the offender wielded a remote and pressed play upon entering the room, declaring that life started now and that any feelings or actions that have occurred in this space prior to them entering didn’t exist.

      • Pegeen
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        3 years ago

        Wow, that demonstrates such disrespect and inconsideration to the max. I share the outrage that came through in this comment. And rightfully so!

    • deephdave
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      3 years ago

      At a macro level — phone worship has only gotten worse. People playing on their phones, holding up lines, holding up traffic, not listening — it is all getting really, really old.

      • vunderkind3 years ago

        LOL. I thought of this line this morning. I was walking home and stopped to check my phone. Then I told myself there was nothing in the world so important that I couldn't check my phone when I got home. It's just a five minute walk!

    • Pegeen
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      3 years ago

      Sound sound advice!

    • jamie3 years ago

      All pretty basic stuff....
      'being on time is huge'

    • BillEnkey3 years ago

      Maybe this is preaching to the choir, considering the group, but social norms change from generation to generation. Not always for the better.

    • jbuchana3 years ago

      Very good advice! My father, among many other valuable lessons, taught me punctuality. It's been very valuable. On the same note, I used to work for a man who said, "If you're early, you're on time, if you're on time, you're late, if you're late, you're fired." I told that to my son years ago, and he's mentioned it on occasion since, it stuck with him. He's never late for anything unless something goes really wrong.

    • SEnkey3 years ago

      All good advice here.