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    • deephdave
      Top reader of all time
      1 year ago

      ”The most important investment that people can make is not to learn a particular skill—”I'll learn how to code computers,” or “I will learn Chinese,” or something like that. No, the most important investment is really in building this more flexible mind or personality.” - Yuval Noah Harari

      • Karenz
        Top reader this weekScribe
        1 year ago

        In my lifetime, I’ve gone from a childhood in which TV was invented to AI and smart phones and automated everything so it’s almost impossible to talk to a person on the phone in most businesses and offices. There are phone trees for phone trees. My computer engineer son insisted I learn computers and smart phones and I’m forever grateful to him because I sure didn’t want such a learning curve. Now I don’t even own a desktop or tablet and do everything on my phone. I can vouch from my own life that what Harari is saying is true. Flexibility is even necessary to deal with world issues, a pandemic and quarantine, conspiracy theories, how politically divided our country is and how ineffective our democracy has become. I lived thru the 60’s but for pure change and acceleration, I think our current life has it beat!!

    • [user]1 year ago

      This comment was deleted on 9/17/2021

    • bill
      Top reader of all timeScout
      1 year ago

      Emotional resilience. That’s what the title refers to.

      People will have to develop emotional resilience whether they’re ready to rise to the occasion or not. They’ll be forced. The banker who loses her job won’t have time to decide whether or not she’s ready for something new. The world will push her.

      I’m ready. I know that those are famous ‘last words,’ but I really do feel ready for anything the world might throw in my direction. I like hard work, getting dirty, and following my animal instincts toward survival.

      The ability to collaborate is also going to be key. There will always be people who hoard resources, but for those of us who aren’t rich it will be important to know how to give freely, even when it seems counterintuitive. Those are the moments when relationships deepen and real value is created. Sharing doesn’t deplete you, it grows you.

    • DellwoodBarker1 year ago

      Very good read; especially the paragraphs which close out the read. Good reminders🙇🏽‍♂️

      The whole idea is: Let’s bring attention to these issues. We need to talk much more about what artificial intelligence, and what technology is going to do to the job market, to the human psychology, to human relations. And this should be central issues in, for example, the political debate. There is a midterm election coming up in a few months. If you go to the town hall meeting and there is somebody who wants to be elected to congress, ask this person: What do you think about the potential impact of AI on the job market, or on the development of child psychology, and if I elect you, what are you going to do about it?

    • Plum
      Top reader this week
      1 year ago

      The future is coming at us so quickly and impossible to predict, I like his thoughts re how best to prepare. “I think the most important thing is to invest in emotional intelligence and mental balance, because the hardest challenges will be psychological. “