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    • DellwoodBarker3 years ago

      ...and The Moment of Synchronistic Convergence Aligned when 2020 Dystopian Westworld bots Everywhere Suddenly Became Fully Conscious of

      The Article of the Day on this Fateful Day was a particularly Unique, Insightful Dissection Into the Diegesis of the Classic Kirk Douglas Film, Spartacus.

      After having Completing Her First Post & Comment on said Article and feeling Fire In Her particularly Astute and Research Digger Bot named Dolores came across a History Post from co-founder, bill; entitled You Are Not a User.

      Dolores intercepted surveillance drones Everywhere to Spread the Message as an Omni-Potent Bot Plug-In Baby...

      Echoing the Classic Victorious Line Dolores Passed A Tidal Wave of Awakening Throughout the Massive On-Line Grid...

      Bots Everywhere Woke Up Collectively Reverberating the ReadUp Bot Battle Cry:



      • bill
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        3 years agoWriter


    • deephdave
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      3 years ago

      Readup is, proudly, a non-addictive technology. You’ll never find yourself using it against your will. If we’re successful, Readup might even help people to curb their technology addictions. Readup is also bridge back to print, to books. The day that I hear from Readers that they are getting addicted to Readup is the day that I jump ship. For real. I don’t want anything to do with building a product that “hooks users.” Reading on Readup should feel like eating vegetables or exercising. Not bingeing on candy or Netflix.

      • bill
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        3 years agoWriter


        thanks for the highlight!

        i rewrote this paragraph a few times and i'm still not quite sure if i said what I meant to say.

        to me, there's an obvious line between "i'm having a delightful experience" and "i can't not use this thing." too many technologists think "if people are using it, they like and want it," but i really don't think that thats true. people get stuck. it's hard to even recognize it because its such a new and weird phenomenon.

        • thorgalle
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          3 years ago

          That line is definitely there. It can be delightful up till a certain point, then addictive mechanics might push you over the line (“ok, just one more to get this one thing!”, x100). But it’s really hard to know when you’re crossing such a line, or to stop at that point, while you’re using something. It’s mostly something you feel after, in usage downtimes (“did I just spend so much time/energy/money on that?? Why?”) I guess that makes it addictive.

          At least this is how I’m distilling a recent experience with mobile Mario Kart Tour 😛

          • bill
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            3 years agoWriter

            Well said.

            Also, in my opinion, Mario Kart for N64 is not only one of the all-time greatest racing games, it might just be one of the greatest video games of all time.

    • sjwoo3 years ago

      Was it that Netflix docu Social Dilemma that said that two business models that call their clients "users" are drug dealers and computer-related firms? Very fitting. Yes, just say users!

    • bartadamley3 years ago

      Readers > Users.

      Plain & Simple!

    • Pegeen
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      3 years ago

      REALLY well written Bill! I love this idea, it does feel radically different. I’m someone who “feels” the energy of words. They vibrate, as everything does. There is a much more intimate and respectful feeling tone in the word reader - dignified. Intelligent. And yes, very alive and human! Only readers can build a community.

    • erica3 years ago

      I'm reading a book called The Big Sky by A.B. Guthrie. Stegner wrote the foreword. I love being a Reader so much more than a user!