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    • Pegeen
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      3 years ago

      I so appreciate your thoughts and voice on Readup. Your energy and passion add much to our community. Look forward to more of your insights and excellent articles.

    • jbuchana3 years ago

      I usually hate the way suggestion algorithms lead to more and more of the same with less and less variety. For some reason, Youtube doesn't seem to do this for me, I get a wide variety of suggestions. But then again, I never watch anything controversial on Youtube and do on other platforms, that may be the difference.

    • Raven3 years ago

      I’m just so happy to hear your point of view on this subject Alexa. I’m definitely in support of looking at the effects of coding on the human experience. I’m completely committed to keeping my mind free of toxic online behaviours, maybe because I’ve avoided getting trapped by the platforms that run these algorithms it’s easier for me to make this kind of commitment. Delete Delete Delete - Attention is not a commodity don’t give it away for others to profit from. Share your attention with those beautiful people who you love.

    • Florian3 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your insights, Alexa. So much food for thought.

      This is how someone gets radicalized and polarized by an algorithm.

      You know, the above sounds like such a simple and almost trivial statement but it’s probably the biggest challenge any democracy faces in the age of information

    • deephdave
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      3 years ago

      A shining light comes in the form of communities built around changing your mind. The subreddit that started it all, Change my View has now spun off into a website where people can make statements and invite others to change their minds with well-reasoned arguments. You earn “deltas” from other users when you successfully change their mind.

      ChangeAView is rebranded as Ceasefire

    • sjwoo3 years ago

      Deep reading for the win.

    • Abarlet3 years ago

      I only joined FB a little more than a year ago. At 55 I’m late to the game but really was in no hurry to play in the game. 16 months later and I admit FB is a daily read for me. And what is most intriguing is the algorithm they use that decides what is put in front of me. I watch dog videos. Animal pictures. Mostly warm and fuzzy stuff that hopefully doesn’t divide anyone. So the more I watch these things the more FB sends my way. I get it. But sometimes I am just thinking about something and a relevant ad pops up on FB? How did it anticipate my need before I ever expressed it? That’s magical and creepy and the same time. At the end of the day it is all about revenue and revenue is tied to the algorithm of understanding user behavior. Just a bunch of metrics.

    • Yukonnor3 years ago

      This article is selling point for a service like Readup :)

      Having apps fight for our attention has lead to 1) less of an attention span and 2) less critical (slow) thinking about what's being shown to us. With Readup offering well written, long-form articles (without distractions) it definitely helps me focus and mull over the topic. I sit and think after I'm done with the article rather than mindlessly scroll to the next thing.

    • [user]3 years ago

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    • bill
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      3 years ago

      There is nothing I enjoy more than being in the brain of Alexa Rohn, Readup's Pioneer Writer :)

      Our life decisions come down to (1) our values and (2) how determined we are to live according to our values.

      People are stepping up. Starting to make noise. We're all fighting our own battles in our own way. Keep. It. Up. Alexa.