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    • pblumenstein3 years ago

      I had long believed that US police forces were plagued by a few bad apples. I used to say that not all cops are fascists, but if you happen to be a fascist, joining the force might appeal to you. Now, however, having watched the video of the Floyd killing, and of the Minneapolis police later spraying peaceful protesters with pepper spray, and having seen countless other videos of cops shootings unarmed black people, I have come to believe that I was going too easy on our nation’s cops. I continue to believe that most cops are in their jobs for the right reasons. But the underlying culture of our police forces is broken.

    • Pegeen
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      3 years ago

      My husband I watch the 6:30pm channel 7 world news with David Muir most nights. We saw this video last night and both of us were SO freaked out! It was beyond horrifying. I had to look away, it was that disturbing. There is NO way the police should get away with this one - caught on camera; other officers standing by watching; bystanders pleading for the officer to release his knee hold; the poor victim gasping for air, pleading that he could not breathe. There is NO justification. Even if this man was armed - which they say he wasn’t - it doesn’t justify the brute force. He was already on the ground, handcuffed and not a risk. I honestly could hardly fall asleep last night with the image in my mind. I feel SO badly for the family and friends of this man. I know the officers in question have been fired. They should be charged with murder. The FBI is investigating.

    • chrissetiana
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      3 years ago

      When will this inhumanity stop?