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    Wait But WhyTim Urban12/12/1427 min
    2 reads2 comments
    Wait But Why
    2 reads
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    • Plum
      Top reader this week
      2 years ago

      People always say the word soul and I never really know what they’re talking about. To me, the word soul has always seemed like a poetic euphemism for a part of the brain that feels very inner to us; or an attempt to give humans more dignity than just being primal biological organisms; or a way to declare that we’re eternal. But maybe when people say the word soul what they’re talking about is whatever it is that connects my 90-year-old grandfather to the boy in the picture. We are stories with souls.

    • deephdave
      Top reader of all time
      2 years ago


      “The early Buddhist view is that much or most of the misery of human life resulted from the false view of self.”