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    • jayvidya2 years ago

      Really glad the author mentioned parents. We have a toddler and it was always frustrating seeing the assumption that everyone had “free time” in lockdown while we were just completely slammed the whole time.

    • chrissetiana
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      2 years ago

      ”Sometimes when you rush to make meaning too quickly, you haven’t given yourself time to really sit with the feelings.”

      • leverettt2 years ago

        Loved this quote too. We don’t have to constantly be in a state of decision. Gray spaces are okay too, and they’re absolutely necessary for growth.

    • benwerd2 years ago

      "But there’s a larger norm at work behind questions like this, and behind the greater expectation that people could use lockdown to boost their coronapreneurial profiles. An obsessive focus on productivity is “part of late-stage American capitalism,” Blustein said. “This productivity ethos has gotten transported into our hobbies, it’s gotten transported into our relationships, into our physical and mental health.”"

    • DellwoodBarker2 years ago

      There’s a part of me ready to declare a moratorium on Co-vid related reads, but then I’d miss out on Really Great reads like this one. Well expressed.

      The following is a Major Understatement of the past 2 years. Intense transitioning as fuck:

      “A transition is a source of anxiety for everyone,” Jessi Gold, a professor of psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, told Vox. And “we’ve just had a year of transition upon transition.”

    • Jessica2 years ago

      “As a society, we don’t do well with grief, and processing what it means to have lost so many people,” Bradford added. Moreover, “we live in a culture where, for some reason, the goal is happiness” rather than sometimes being okay with just existing, Gold said. “We always need to be striving for the silver lining of everything.”