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    The Independent3/12/204 min
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    The Independent
    3 reads
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    • jbuchana2 years ago

      i fear that we're going to wind up with a choice of Trump and Biden. The choice there is obvious, Trump is a dangerous man to have in a position of power.

      As far as Biden goes, I'd have no qualms voting for someone with behavioural health issues, dementia is another thing entirely. On top of that, Biden's history shows him as someone I wouldn't normally want as a president, but Trump makes him look like a better choice.

    • Jank2 years ago

      The author should next write a dozen articles defending Biden’s racism, homophobia, and sexism based on his voting history, policies and behavior. Push the motherfucker back in the time machine and support the actually progressive candidate instead! Maybe this article will be deleted after tonight’s debate, we’ll see.

    • turtlebubble
      2 years ago

      Surprisingly I agree with a lot of these sentiments as well, but I do think mental soundness is still a viable topic but should be discussed with respect. We have been living with a president who spews lies of convenience and selfishness. Id rather not trade that for one with a tendency for inaccuracies and confusion when there is a better replacement within our grasp, for that reason among many others.