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    • SEnkey4 years ago

      Well done article, I do think the author puts too much emphasis on 'white'. As if only wealthy 'white' people engage in unethical behavior. Or only 'wealthy' people do so. I started my career at a low socioeconomic income area school and have gone on to work with the one percent. All levels have good and bad. There are unethical, sniping, mean, a-holes on the smallest PTA, and good people on the richest board. Still, I think the more you have the easier it is to feel entitled 'to what you have coming to you' as was so well pointed out.

    • joanne4 years ago

      Wow...fascinating coverage of the under belly of the rich and privileged....I never thought of how it must feel to be a counselor at a prep school. Hard to believe parents would find a quake to give their child a “diagnosis” of a learning disability to cheat their way into a school that was not the right fit for them.

      • jeff4 years ago

        The statistics on the number of students in wealthy areas taking extended timed tests was completely shocking to me. Even worse that they are exploiting a new rule designed to protect the privacy of legitimately disabled test takers for their own selfish gain.

    • courtney4 years ago

      This whole culture is totally insane to me. I used to be a private tutor and remember working with 6 year olds to make sure they were getting into the most elite elementary school (where tuition for 2nd grade was more expensive than my grad school). I really started to feel bad, in a way, for the children that were being pushed down this path that they weren’t interested in. A lot of the parents weren’t really looking out for their kids best interests but only wanted the prestige that comes with elite academia.

    • turtlebubble4 years ago

      Ahhh this was gripping! I didn’t know or hear anything about the scandal before this article but it was so interesting to hear from the perspective of a former counselor. It’s often easy to feel excited when the super rich are suffering but I try to stray from that sort of behavior thinking I wouldn’t want anyone discounting my pain because of my finances.. but these guys are actual assholes! You are how you treat others, especially the others that you think no one will ever see or hear about: the food service workers, the gas station attendants, customer service agents & I guess now high school college counselors.