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    • justinzealand2 years ago

      Worthwhile read. A reasoned voice in the mass media meley. Appreciate the post

    • DellwoodBarker2 years ago

      Speaking as an LGBTQ+ individual (cis identifying gay male), an independent who leans heavily liberal and is Very Open: the last two years living in a Conscious small town that is many ways is a centering balance of conservative and liberal I Am Receiving a Deeeep Education on the dangerous times we are living in regarding freedom of speech, polarizingly dangerous identity politics and words vs. actions. If all the upper crust and elite and social media addicted and even middle class spent more time around individuals from prison and the streets (the Realist of the Real) and homeless shelters…you would hear so much shocking language and jokes and Realness that would get banned quicker than lightning online. Slang and words I feel I don’t have the right to use due to the pain so deeply embedded (and I often find myself having to speak up where I can “I would never use that word as liberally as you do”. “Oh, it’s okay I have friends who know I use it in non-threatening ways.” Etc, etc). But You Know What?!? And this is the Biggest Lesson I have been learning as a privileged white gay male… these men or women from prison who may be of whatever color or race or culture and say whatever the fuck they want - even possibly calling me a fag or faggot, playfully - They Will Give the Shirt Off their back or feed a leper or shelter anyone to keep them from freezing Because Their Actions Speak Louder than their obscene liberating tongue society is trying to censor. Truly, Truly this has been a Deep Lesson Here. I have honestly never heard as many liberated tongues as I have in this town in overlapping communication amongst Trump supporters or Biden supporters or Bernie supporters and sometimes shocking slang Punctuated By the Connective Tissue of Healing Real Laughter.

      This is not to give a free pass to hate or bullies who might take advantage of this comraderie and mentality. Even as others around me may get the green light from black friends to use slang; I. Just.Can’t. Do.It. I come from South where that hurt is Deeeep and Justifiablu So.

      We are in ineteresting times and we need to be careful not to ostracizethose , like the prophets of our days like comedians and artists who may not mean harm; they may just be exercising their right here which makes America America. Social media, wokeness and social justice Sometimes (not all the time) do a better job of dividing those who actually on our side.

      Just the way I see it as an autonomous human being striving to Love and Share Kindness and Cross Boundaries without judgement as much as I am able; personally and collectively.

      1. Update (10/19/2021):

        All of this education here has been deep and shocking at times yet awakening me more and more.

        Also, we should remember that it is my understanding the KKK actually started with the Democratic Party back in the day.

        Another read and tv series that I feel does an Excellent Job with some of these themes is Watchmen. A+++++.

      2. Update (10/19/2021):

        I should also add a final statement that I have not viewed this special yet; only read about it. Great and interesting read, btw.

      • Pegeen
        Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
        2 years ago

        I so appreciate your comment Dellwood because it’s based on your own experience within your community. I am not familiar with Dave Chappelles’s humor. I have only seen one earlier comedy routine from years ago. However, I am a little familiar with the debate within the comedic community about the different approaches to comedy. Some believe all is grist for the comedy mill, sparing no one. The other side feels like true comedy does not have to sink to such hurtful and base tactics. One of the popular comedians in my day was Andrew Dice Clay. He really made a name for himself mostly bashing women. And he cursed profusely. What struck me at the time was that this guy must have suffered some kind of trauma to be that angry. And based on his sold out shows, there were a lot of other angry, traumatized individuals - mostly men. Anger needs expression and comedians can channel that through their art. My feeling is that if a certain comedian’s act really offends you, tune it out. Or, if you feel really strongly about it, than you have the right to protest it. All our current systems are being disrupted because they no longer work. The pendulum must swing to the highest point opposite the current trend, which is ignorance, to come to a peaceful balance. I’ll never forget my shock during the Trump campaign with how many racists, misogynists and damaged people there actually were in our country. I think we REALLY needed to see it to stop our ignorance and denial. Patience and compassion are what’s needed now.

    • Plum2 years ago

      Delwood Barker’s response is right on.