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    The AtlanticArthur C. Brooks4/7/226 min
    14 reads3 comments
    The Atlantic
    14 reads
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    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      7 months ago

      I grew up in a household where my parents argued - a lot. Consequently, I don’t engage in arguments nor like to be around argumentative people. It always seems such a waste of time and energy. I focus on myself and endeavor to be the best expression of me. To live the Golden Rule - treat others the way I wish to be treated.

      • Karenz
        7 months ago

        No one wants the school marm finger in their face—and I immediately think of Elizabeth Warren. Really listening IS a gift. Hilary Clinton calling right wingers the deplorables played right into Trump’s hands. All Trumpers are not necessarily racist but they are anti-elitist.

    • SEnkey7 months ago


      And I need to work on this more than anyone.