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    • lorf2 years ago

      You do know that using their platform isn’t your right correct? You’re on THEIR platform, they can do whatever they want! I quit Facebook when Obama took office and it was a great decision because I think social media is toxic fir people.

      Also, if your personal relationships aren’t good enough to call or email someone they probably aren’t worth keeping.

      Delete Facebook and start living your life.

      • thorgalle
        Top reader this weekReading streakScout
        2 years ago

        I agree that if you’re not on a email/call level with people, it’s probably not healthy to follow their lives online en masse. But I do also find that following the online doings of the limited people you care about adds something to personal interactions, if only topics of conversation. If people share something, they want to be listened to.

        Ironically, Facebook also sometimes does what it claims to do: connect people.

        I’ve been largely absent on the platform for ~5 years, not having scrolled the feed for that time. I still used it though: to coordinate with specific friend groups for meetups, to discuss academic work, to find a flat and a roommate in another country, … As Louis puts it, Facebook has been undeniably useful. Now I’m at a point where I might delete my account because even those limited uses have dwindled. But I don’t, because I’m checking my mom’s updates every 2 weeks or so. I think “Facebook on demand” is fun, if you’ve got the discipline. Louis’ tool made that much easier!

        The network effect is also real. It’s hard to get some people/groups off Facebook.

        • Alexa2 years ago

          Real talk on the network effect. So many communities are in FB groups only, too many people building their houses on land they don't own (bleh).

          For me I started to get annoyed by the parasocial relationships, they felt hollow. I feel you about seeing what people are up to but then I found when I did catch up with friends I already knew their story. I'm learning to love finding out what people have been doing since I last some them from their own mouths, although I can tell others are out of practice having to do it! lol

      • Alexa2 years ago

        With you here. I wish more people realized that FB is not some utility they need in their lives. I had a convo with my partner about that last night, by deleting my FB and other social media I have given up the ability to hit up some friend from 5th grade if I'm ever in their town or to reconnect with random people from the past but also...who cares?

        It takes a release from the sunk cost of thinking you need to 'stay connected' with all these random people from your life. We've been sold on that narrative too long, living your life unplugged is wayyyy better.

    • bartadamley2 years ago

      Crazy stuff. Happy to see Louis was brave enough to tell his story… leaves one curious about how many other developers are out there with similar stories.

      Also small world: as Louis was someone I met over the Center for Humane Tech forums. Same thing with Bill! I love this corner of the internet, as it is legitimately people looking to transform the ways in which we engage with technology… looking to enhance our lives rather than make our lives worse/more addictive.

      Keep fighting the good fight Louis!

      • Alexa2 years ago

        Yes! I found unfollow everything and the other one, the newsfeed killer app, on CHT forum. Fave

    • Tarunika2 years ago

      Reading this made me both sad and angry! Why cant people choose how they use Facebook, why should facebook control that and why is everything only about revenue? I see my friends and family oogling over those who get a job and BIG FAT paycheck at Facebook and many master-degree-student-friends giving advice and advocating to join this "awesome" company. For what? If people are not allowed to change it for the better, why is it ok for these companies to exist? Why isnt ethical stuff allowed on facebook while misinformation and all other bad things are allowed to interact with and live on facebook? Makes me sad and angry :(

      I really hope that people like the writer come up with ideas to stop this madness!

      • Alexa2 years ago

        I've been really stoked this week to see the conversations following the whistleblower Frances Haugen's Facebook Files stuff. I've been watching her testimony to congress and it is LIT. So pumped, there is hope and I feel really excited to see how it shapes up.

    • Florian2 years ago

      Funny to see this as AOTD today as I just saw him on Twitter too :)

      I had gained a staggering amount of control. I was no longer tempted to scroll down an infinite feed of content. The time I spent on Facebook decreased dramatically. Overnight, my Facebook addiction became manageable

    • coljac2 years ago

      Facebook are desperate; young people are leaving and brand is cancer. To keep their valuation up they need to maximise user engagement via hook or crook. This article is another window into that struggle. He’s right that it’s anti-consumer; it’s anti human!

    • thorgalle
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      2 years ago

      This is outrageous. Facebook as a corporate machine really doesn’t want people to live balanced lives. Best if they’re glued to their news feed most of the time.

      • lorf2 years ago

        I mean yes but people also need to be in control of themselves. People need to take some personal responsibility and leave it for good.

    • DellwoodBarker2 years ago

      Personal advice without judgement: Don’t even focus on using less FB. Just delete. The next level purge feeling (beyond unfollowing) of liberation is undeniable.

      • Alexa2 years ago

        YES. omg yes, preach. it is the absolute best thing. So much time, so much freedom. Skip even the deactivate button. And you can always download all your user history so your photos etc wont be lost if that's holding you back.

    • Alexa2 years ago

      Aw man! I used Unfollow Everything before I finally just deleted my accounts from the whole mess of it. It was a nice tool to form some control over use of the platform. I'm zero surprised by this, but also cringing at the irony of banning this guy for life but the soccer player who showed revenge porn to millions of people (which is also a so called "banned for life" action) is still an active account holder. Not exactly surprised but...UGH. Really looking forward to watching this Facebook Files things show people just what a toxic org FB is.

      Delete your accounts, it's worth it.