1. Shaktian SpaceShakti Shetty2/19/228 min
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    Shaktian Space
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    • Pegeen
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      2 years ago

      I feel inside Shakti’s mind, just along for the ride.

    • deephdave
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      2 years ago

      When you love someone, you love blindly. There is no other method to go about it. Even if it lasts for a few seasons, that attachment is outwordly and regardless of how it ends, you smile at yourself for having the luck to experience it. Besides, no amount of advice and training can teach you how to fall in love like that. Events of seismic proportions happen on their own. An accident, if you may. No plausible explanation to boot. Bas ho gaya types. Of course, conclusions and closures are part and parcel of the deal. Anyway, the very blessed ones not only fall in love blindly but they also walk blindly, with hands holding each other tightly. A beautiful sight. No pun intended.