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    Seth's BlogSeth Godin5/10/215 min
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    Seth's Blog
    19 reads
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    • jayvidya1 year ago

      Great concise summary for those confused about all this crypto stuff.

    • DellwoodBarker1 year ago

      Okay, ReadUp, the following excerpt got me thinking (and maybe this is already proposed?):

      The second reason might support positive change. The existence of tokens and decentralization means that it’s possible to build resilient open source communities where early contributors and supporters benefit handsomely over time. No one owns these communities, and we can hope that these communities will work hard to serve themselves and their users, not the capital markets or other short-term players.

      Consider a project like Wikipedia. Tens of thousands of people have devoted millions of hours to working to build it. 5,000 active editors are responsible for most of the work that we benefit from every day. This is unpaid work, done for the community and for the satisfaction and status that comes with it.

      But of the top 100 websites, there are very few that are built on this model.

      Now imagine a blockchain/token project in which contributors earned tokens as they built it and supported it.

      What if the new subscription based RU allows the option for Writers who are Read Here and Compensated Here and Who Wish to Support the Future of this Community Platform; first and foremost - what if We Are Given the option to Automatically Circulate a designated amount of Our Earnings to Cycle through as a Budget/Reader/Super-Reader Subscription before cashing out any earnings we made above and beyond Our Subscription Preference?!? I, personally, would Love this option as I would prefer my base compensation to cycle back into RU sustainability.

      @ https://readup.com/@bill

      @ https://readup.com/@thorgalle

      @ https://readup.com/@jeff

    • deephdave
      Top reader of all time
      1 year ago

      The reason the blockchain matters is that it is an agent of change. Just like the transistor and yes, the printing press, when an agent of change shows up, it often leads to shifts that we probably didn’t expect.