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    • aussak4 years ago

      Love this: "We need everyone who gives a damn about this American experiment to contribute and make it succeed."

    • loundytampa4 years ago

      I wonder how this guys doing? Is he still going? Will he graduate ?

    • joanne4 years ago

      Agreed, we need bridges, one conversation at a time. It’s going to be an interesting year, I’m looking forward to getting involved in the reconstruction of our country.

    • Kiki4 years ago

      Very inspiring essay and it gives me great hope that it is never too late to learn or change our minds about something. The fact that he opened his mind and heart to others different from him I’m sure was not easy but he did and now is a richer and deeper person. I appreciate this purple snowflake.

    • jbuchana4 years ago

      Fantastic article. I went back to college at 51 myself (I'm 57 now) it was a great experience. I went to a community college I hadn't been to school since '88 when I got an engineering degree. Despite not being anywhere near the level of Yale I found a lot of bright young students as well. (being a community college they weren't all serious students though). I wasn't going for a degree but I enjoyed myself. When I have a more predictable work schedule I'll probably take some more classes.

    • Plum4 years ago

      Everyone should read this! I hope he learns to build a bridge for us quickly!

    • Pegeen
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      4 years ago

      Loved this article - very uplifting. I have always loved going to school. I can certainly imagine auditing college classes when I’m a senior citizen, which is not far off.

    • Alexa4 years ago

      This is such a feel good piece, but with a lovely message about listening to others with different opinions from you...a refreshing point of view, especially given the wackiness in the news & political world lately