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    • chrissetiana
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      2 years ago

      The truth is, I will always look for explanations. I am always seeking, never finding. But these days, I want to listen to myself more.

    • Pegeen
      2 years ago

      We are not taught to trust our feelings or intuition. Quite the opposite. From when we are very young, adults tell us how to behave, what’s acceptable, how to get along in society. Learning to trust yourself, to listen to your own inner voice, takes courage and practice. Quiet to even be able to hear the voice that calls for the real you to emerge. Usually the discomfort of living by someone else’s rules becomes more difficult than challenging them. It comes down to trusting your heart, where the truth lies, not your head, where the ego keeps you in the familiar comfort zone. Life is a journey of self discovery. Feelings help with the navigation.

    • Jessica2 years ago

      I am guilty of trying to find a reason for my feelings, trying to deconstruct it like I would with a math problem. It is absolutely draining yet a difficult train of thought to break.