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    • deephdave
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      1 year ago

      Revamped Readup with images, as always focus on minimalistic design to read without distractions!

      Btw, where is Readup blog located in this new design? Had to import this from the browser... 😅

      1. Update (12/17/2021):

        This article is yet to be appeared on Thor’s profile. Does this need to update manually or takes time to appear?

      2. Update (12/17/2021):

        oh! it's there, I thought it would be in order "Newest first"

      • thorgalle
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        1 year agoWriter

        The blog link is… probably gone! Well spotted! And strange that it did not immediately appear on my profile. Your import was probably the first to add the article to the Readup database.

    • Pegeen
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      1 year ago

      I found this entire discourse interesting. I never gave images a thought on Readup unless the article had images contained within the story pertaining to the text. I didn’t miss pictures because I was so wowed by the articles themselves. But I also don’t like sauces on my food - I want to taste the actual thing I’m eating. I appreciate Readup’s concern about what the readers want. That so much thought was behind this new feature. My very initial reaction to the pictures was surprise. I found the images appealing, perhaps how edible flowers dress up the presentation of a stellar dinner entree. But author and the publication are the 2 most important features that draw me to choose an article. I have learned so much about quality writing from Readup over the many years I have been dedicated to its use. My palate has become very discerning. Readup is a valuable education and if images help to bring in more readers, than I say go for it.