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    • bartadamley
      Top reader this weekReading streakScout
      3 years ago

      “Clinical neural interfaces are tough enough, but Neuralink has its sights trained on juicing up the brainpower of the everyday person with a highly invasive surgery. That, to Kouider, sounds like a moon shot. “Or even further, like a Jupiter shot.””

      He should've said it sounds like a "Mars shot" - oh well.

      Neuralink & Elon Musk are launching this demo tonight for the updated version of the Neuralink Brain implant.. to achieve a 'true symbiosis' between AI and humans.

      Can 2020 really continue to get any more wild?

      “Mark Zuckerberg is also invested in brain-computer interfaces. At Facebook’s developer conference in 2017, the company demonstrated a technology that would supposedly allow people to “hear with their skin,” and last year, Facebook acquired the startup CTRL Labs, which is building a noninvasive neural interface.”

      Of course Zuck is dabbling in this realm too, the last thing I think we would all want is to have FB invade our consciousness.

      Oh wait...