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    themargins.substack.comCan Duruk1/24/217 min
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    • bartadamley1 year ago

      Every once in a while when I go do an intermittent Twitter fast, I am reminded how fast the memes and narratives come and go. Stay away from it, for example, a week or so, and half the conversation becomes indecipherable. Such is the way of content on the pulse of the world.

      This really is the truth, I think this is why the "digital gardening" craze, as well as the surge of hype around PKM tools has skyrocketed. The amount of content we seem to consume, as well as create only increases by the wayside... it is interesting to hear this take.

      Content is everything now. And yet, we must consider what strategies we can use when having this nonsense yet also knowledge hydrant continually flowing. Really - it is okay to turn it off every once in a while.

      Those moments when you pay meaningful attention, are the moments when you can create your own work (developing authenticity), rather than continually consuming.