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    • MonkeyMatt3 years ago

      To earn the rewards, you’ll have to watch live matches on the CDL website or the Call of Duty Companion app

      Is this even a youtube drop system then or something Activision have cooked up? Why would you not be able to just watch on youtube and get drops?

      Call of Duty and Overwatch (assuming Blizzard’s game is also getting drops) won’t actually be the first titles to use YouTube’s drops feature — Epic Games offered free Fortnite cosmetics for watching the Fortnite World Cup on YouTube last July.

      Tbh I didn't realise youtube had alraedy copied twitchs drop system. Not surprising they would copy it. It's an effective way to get more viewers, although I do wonder how many are afk and therefor what effect it would have on ad engagement (which is ultimately what the platforms are worried about as that's where the money comes from)