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      The New YorkerMaria Konnikova1/7/146 min
      The New Yorker

      My work is going to refurbish the office and is looking for feedback about our current setup. I gong to share this great article as it explains better than I could why it's a bad idea.

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      Love that it links out to evidence of the claims that open office is bad. I tend to agree but having something solid to back it up is great

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      USENIX12/16/216 min

      Put bluntly, the Ethereum “world computer” has roughly 1/5,000 of the compute power of a Raspberry Pi 4!

      I realize that there is an argument to be made that the use case is different but even still this shows there are serious limitations to blockchain tech.

      Love all the logical step by step calculations in this article.

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      MIT Technology ReviewSiobhan Roberts12/17/2113 min
      MIT Technology Review

      Never knew of Advent of Code until I read this article. I'm quite late but still started giving it a go and I'm loving it!

      I'm using dart to try and get familiar with the language so I'm slow as anything but I find great fun in trying to solve each little logic puzzle. 4 stars so far :)

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      MIT Technology ReviewKaren Hao11/20/2127 min
      MIT Technology Review

      An ad driven platform was always going to end up overrun with clickbait. Still jarring to have it laid out in front of me like this detailing how clickbait farms make millions of dollars.

      Readup seems like a nice step away from this ad driven model

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      To earn the rewards, you’ll have to watch live matches on the CDL website or the Call of Duty Companion app

      Is this even a youtube drop system then or something Activision have cooked up? Why would you not be able to just watch on youtube and get drops?

      Call of Duty and Overwatch (assuming Blizzard’s game is also getting drops) won’t actually be the first titles to use YouTube’s drops feature — Epic Games offered free Fortnite cosmetics for watching the Fortnite World Cup on YouTube last July.

      Tbh I didn't realise youtube had alraedy copied twitchs drop system. Not surprising they would copy it. It's an effective way to get more viewers, although I do wonder how many are afk and therefor what effect it would have on ad engagement (which is ultimately what the platforms are worried about as that's where the money comes from)

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      Sad to see the series go. I wonder if we will see many others fail due to this period of no racing.

      Jaguar Racing Limited — the company’s subsidiary that runs its Formula E team — turned a £400,000 (nearly $500,000) profit on £10.2 million (roughly $12.5 million) of revenue during that same fiscal year

      I find it very interesting to call the racing team profitable. Is this because Jaguar throws money at it or does the racing team have some other income stream that covers their costs?

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      Fortune10/21/1920 min

      The question of "now what?" is never really answered but this article goes into great depth about Spotify and gives enough detail to let you work out where you think Spotify should/will go. Incredible it isn't profitable with 100 million paying subscribers

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      diff.substack.comByrne Hobart5/15/2016 min

      The future of remote work is sure to vary a lot based on the work needing to be done (I would say industry but it's more fine grain than that). I think the biggest barrier to being fully remote is not trusting your employees. Having managers be able to look over their shoulder and make sure they're doing work is mentioned in the article. That might be how you get the most time spent doing work but it's not how you get the most effort applied, and most importantly it's not how you get the best work out of an employee.

      I recommend the book "Remote: office not required" for anyone interested in remote work. The authors share a lot of their thoughts about the subject, based on working remote for years, on their blog too (Signal vs Noise).

      Certainly I think most companies supporting remote work will still have an office but likely in the remote work future it won't be big enough for all employees to use on the same day, and not all employees will be within commuting distance.

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      He realized that a delivery option had mysteriously appeared on their company’s Google Listing. The delivery option was created by Doordash,” Roy wrote. Apparently, this is one way that DoorDash does customer acquisition — by bullying restaurants. [...] And so the story unfolds. “If someone could pay Doordash $16 a pizza, and Doordash would pay his restaurant $24 a pizza, then he should clearly just order pizzas himself via Doordash, all day long

      Terrible practices and a funny way to get back at them for it.

      Highlights a valid point though. Surely all these “we’re the Uber model for X” companies that are using this venture capital model are going to fail at some point. It just boggles the mind how much money they raise, and spend, while being unprofitable.

      Then again companies like twitter took years to become profitable so maybe we are just doomed to this crazy cycle (although I'd say twitter is helped by having more of a lock in effect than something like uber)

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      Arguing with facts will never work when you’re coming up against feelings

      I think society has failed when such a large number of people follow their feelings even in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

      My favourite conspiracy:

      Covid-19 was created by the media to sell newspapers and everyone who has been infected is a crisis actor.

      Maybe non 5G cell towers aren't really being burnt down by 5G conspirators and it's just been made up by the media to try and discredit people who believe 5G is causing coronavirus 😂

    • MonkeyMattcommented3 years ago

      It sure feels like we are entering (or already in) a digital dark age.

      With curation based on engagement rather than quality we are always going to get too much crap content. When liking a meme and liking a long researched article carry the same weight of course the memes will take over, it's so much quicker to engage with them which means they get more engagement. And when a like from conspiracy theorist Bob carries the same weight as a like from research professor Joe it's easy to see how false news get's spread so quickly (also the reason I'm wary or democracies but that's a rant for another day). I like to think ReadUp is heading in the right direction for the too much crap problem (although it's still a long way off from my limited experience with it so far), but I don't know what we do about the general too much content problem.

      Of course there is also the problem of monetisation which has lead to so many digital dark age features such as click bait and bot accounts. Unfortunately it's monetisation that seems to be the main barrier to solving a lot of digital dark age problems

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      As a kid, whenever I wanted something for myself, my father turned it into a challenge. If I aced my exams, or if I woke up at 6 for a week, or did yoga with him for a month, then he would consider what I was asking for. [...] The benefit of creating challenges for me was twofold: I not only tried to bring in good grades and build healthy habits, I also learnt the importance of deserving my gifts. [...] From an early childhood I believed that I can get anything I want, as long as I’m willing to work for it.

      This is a powerful way to look at the world and an awesome piece of parenting to impart that outlook on the child.

      Got to be careful not to take it to it's extreme though. No amount of work will get you a time machine

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      Alexa RohnAlexa Rohn5/13/204 min
      Alexa Rohn

      To truly create something worth paying attention to you need to focus your energy. Don’t practice the wrong skills. It’s easy to get really good at Instagram or email, but if you want to create a masterful work of art you’re going to need to be more selective about the skills you choose to spend time on.

      This is something I've been grappling with recently. So nice to have it laid out clearly in front of me in this article. Social media can seem like it's worth it when you're creating more engagements but appearances can be deceiving. It's far more worth it to be working on the original skill