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    • bartadamley
      Top reader this week
      2 years ago

      The Quest 2 is the first headset that will controversially require a Facebook sign-in, rather than allowing users to keep totally separate Oculus accounts. Quest 2 product manager Prabhu Parthasarathy says the motivation for this is “fundamentally social,” especially during the pandemic lockdown. “Every single social experience available on the platform has seen particular engagement in the past few months. We’ve always been thinking: what is the right moment to make our VR headsets more social? And we feel this is the right moment.”

      For those who have followed the history of Occulus, it deeply saddens me that Facebook has taken the reign over. But naturally, as what happens with a company that has far too much overwielding power, you have to use their core product, to 'unlock' access to another product that isn't necessarily related.

      I posted another article annotating Facebook's 'smart glasses', so it is incredibly important to watch this development unfold. It has me curious of what Facebook will do in the future of intrusive social media, as their business model is inherently based upon collecting as much data as it can on us (Surveillance Capitalism).

      It will not even surprise me if they will eventually start to give this shit away; based upon their money-making scheme... more accurate ads, more ad clicks as they look to compile as much data about our personal lives and now our homes.

      (Blake Harris's "The History of The Future" is a great book highlighting Occulus's brief history before FB)

      link to FB's 'smart' glasses announcement: https://readup.com/read/the-verge/facebooks-first-smart-glasses-will-be-ray-bans-coming-next-year

      1. Update (9/17/2020):

        *Whoops spelled Oculus wrong. forgive me lol