1. The New YorkerJia Tolentino3/20/2325 min
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    The New Yorker
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    • turtlebubble11 months ago

      A lot of clarifying information on a hot topic

      • Karenz
        10 months ago

        This was very interesting to me. Its cited studies supported what I’ve felt from a lifetime of observation that obesity, like a lot of addictions, have a definite biological basis and yet people are shamed by our culture for their weakness. These new meds seem to me to be heading in a very positive direction. A person might actually want to walk, swim, bike ride if they’re not hauling around so much fat.

      • bill
        Top reader of all timeScribe
        11 months ago


        For the record, @jeff and I read this one together, in my living room, on separate devices. It was my first time on the internet in my home in almost a year. After, we just sat in silence for a little while, not feeling too much of anything one way or another. Pretty surreal.

        I'll always love reading Jia, but I wonder if she might be losing her edge a little bit. I hope she starts doing some more personal, confessional stuff again, like this one, one of my all-time favs.