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    The New Yorker
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    • Karenz4 years ago

      I was especially impressed that Junot admitted he had an erection while being raped. That has to be incredibly confusing and add to a victim’s shame and attempts at invulnerability. It helped me understand why his mask was so resilient. Such a blessing he found a superior therapist and could quit hurting himself and others.

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      4 years ago

      This is beautifully written, captivating. Junot Diaz really knows how to tell a story, his personal story, in a way that allows the full breadth of his emotions to seep in as it unfolds. I could literally feel the weight of his shame. Such vulnerability is always what connects me to a writer.

    • aussak4 years ago

      I like his writing and think he always has a beautiful way of talking about things. I related better to his description of depression in it than his feelings about the rape and talking about rape but I thought it was good I also liked hearing some of the background for characters I remember from his books and stories I think his very male and Latino/machismo perspective comes through still and makes it a bit hard for me to relate. I empathize with Roxane gay’s writing on sexual violence better for that reason probably.