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    • skrt4 years ago

      Maybe it's naive of me, but this was the article that has broken me the most over the past couple of days. I didn't know about Epstein's alleged involvement with Media Lab before this, and I've looked up to the lab as an institution since high school. With revelations such as this one, it's clear that the narrative of the objectivity and therefore uncorruptibility of tech is absolutely untrue. Abuse of power will never come as a surprise, even in the new tech age.

      • bill
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        4 years ago

        Thanks for sharing. Wild story, especially some of the details. I almost feel bad for Joi Ito - the Ronan Farrow choke hold is no joke.

        Ito's story isn't singular. Tons of people let their morals slide, especially at work, and especially when blinded by dollar signs and power. It's a story as old as time.