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    • chrissetiana
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      2 years ago

      “Everything is always keep changing.” Truer words were never spoken.

    • bill
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      3 years ago

      Perfect. This morning, after reading about a half dozen random little thingies (all good, but nothing great) I was starting to feel a bit off - which isn't a good way to start the day. (I'm very particular about my morning reading. I expect nothing less than explosive, mind-expanding, life-giving, I-will-never-look-at-the-world-the-same-way-again kind of stuff.)

      Then: George Saunders, dirty dog, right on the money. As always. Easy ten.

      Now I'm ready for the day to begin. Now I'm ready for work.

      • erica3 years ago

        I love the idea of a writer as one who bears witness.

      • sjwoo3 years ago

        Is he serious that we can email him any time? I know, he meant it just for his students. But I'll ignore this and email him anyway.

        If anybody can make sense out of this senseless virus, it's Saunders.