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    • Florian2 years ago

      Asylum seekers are forbidden to work until an immigration judge has confirmed their status, and must rely on savings or support from friends and family in the meantime.

      I don’t understand how they thought this is a good idea when this law was created...

      • KapteinB
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        2 years ago

        I guess it makes sense from a took-ur-jurbs perspective. Wouldn't want illegal immigrants to pose as asylum seekers so they can live in government housing while undercutting the salaries of honest citizens.

    • SEnkey2 years ago

      “A lot changed when Joe Biden entered the White House,” she said. “People understand that now it’s easier to get asylum on the border than it was before.”

      This is a problem. I'm not picking on President Biden, but is an issue that leadership changes mean tens of thousands of refugees flood the southern border.

      For years people have asked me what my stance on immigration is and I've said - TO HAVE A POLICY ON IMMIGRATION. A policy, like it or hate it, that we will enforce across power transfers.

      I am for much MORE legal immigration and making it easier to immigrate. I am for taking many MORE refugees and spreading them across our fruitful plains. The midwest is full of dying towns that could use fresh blood.

      I am not for a system that leaves all of these people vulnerable to the whims of the current president or next election.

      • Karenz
        2 years ago

        I agree with you completely. But because we don’t have cooperation between our opposing parties, a decent immigration policy seems impossible. It’s such a shame.