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    The AtlanticAmanda Mull1/7/2212 min
    21 reads3 comments
    The Atlantic
    21 reads
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    • TaosTom10 months ago

      A tendency toward OCD also seems to help some form long lasting beneficial behaviors.

      • Karenz
        10 months ago

        I know I would not exercise if it weren’t for my dog. We deliberately did not fence in our backyard so we’d HAVE to walk our dog. I’ve always walked, ridden horses for years into my 70’s but you’d never find me in a gym. Whatever I do has to be outside, even in winter. Knowing that about myself has helped me with at least some daily exercise.

        • TaosTom10 months ago

          Bravo! I've got dogs and horses too. Even the daily horse chores can be a workout!