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    The AtlanticArthur C. Brooks1/28/219 min
    23 reads7 comments
    The Atlantic
    23 reads
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    • DellwoodBarker1 year ago

      💯 10 💯

    • KingTaos1 year ago

      I was just discussing the role Herman Hesse’s, “Narcissus and Goldmund” has had in my life. The namesake characters are the archetypes for the themes in this article.

      I lived the first part of my life as wholly Goldmund and found myself unhappy…

      A more stoic life has yielded an unexpected bounty and appreciation for life itself. I don’t think I knew what happy was before.

      Sometimes I guess less really is more.

      • DellwoodBarker1 year ago

        🙌✅I have HH and this book on my Reading List, Gratefully, because of ya 👍🏽😉

    • deephdave
      Top reader of all time
      1 year ago

      A balanced approach to happiness in life is best.

      Balance, Settle, Struggle, Hustle; these are just words their meaning maybe the same to everyone but when we talk about epicureans and stoics their interpretations can be different.

      I tried exploring stoicism but definitely it’s not for me, I’m neither epicurean nor stoic nor balanced.

      Keep learning and respond to situations accordingly, don’t stress much about categorising things. :)

    • TripleG
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      1 year ago

      I tend toward the epicurean but balance is important. I guess I need to be a little more stoic.

    • Florian1 year ago

      So to all you Stoics: Take the night off.

      Haha, probably not gonna happen 😅

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      1 year ago

      Interesting discourse on Epicureans and Stoics. I tend towards the stoic model. But as in all things, balance is key.