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    • Pegeen
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      4 years ago

      I agree with Joanne. This is SUCH a slippery slope. I do not feel this is in any category with the Me Too movement. They both seemed to have an agenda and that’s not a way to start any kind of relationship. There was nothing organic, honest or natural in the unfolding of this encounter. We must take responsibility for our own actions. And that requires mindfulness, introspection and honesty with one’s self. Blaming is hurtful to both individuals because then nothing changes.

    • TripleG
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      5 years ago

      Sure, the guy is a pig, but what is her excuse? Did she really think she was going to be his steady girlfriend and parade around Hollywood with him? What a dope!

    • erica6 years ago

      Interesting follow-up on this: Kamran Pasha, a screenwriter and director in Hollywood, spoke at Tuck last week. He said that Hollywood has always been about transactional sex. Victims include men, women, and children, and the entire system has been set up to hide sexual abuse. The industry is focusing on cases that aren't serious, like Ansari, to burn people out and control the story in the hopes that we lose sight of the serious cases, like Weinstein. He is sure that Hollywood will use this as a tactic to discredit and shut down the Me Too movement.

      • bill
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        6 years ago

        Well said. I've been thinking/feeling that this whole Aziz fiasco was a bona fide red herring. So I'm inclined to agree entirely with you & Kamran.

        You must have felt super informed on the topic when it came up! Real reading works!! :)

    • erica6 years ago

      Wow. I absolutely agree with the author of this article that Aziz Ansari does not deserve this negative media attention. However, I don't worry that his career is destroyed. Reading the Babe piece, it sounds like this anonymous woman had MANY opportunities to extricate herself from the situation. It's sad that stories like this detract from real instances of men abusing their power and violating women.

      One thing I don't like about this article is that the author makes it about race: "I thought it would take a little longer for the hit squad of privileged young white women to open fire on brown-skinned men." There are certainly non-white men who have been accused of sexual misconduct (e.g., Bill Cosby).

      • joanne6 years ago

        Wow, was my first reaction too. I'm a decade older than the writer so I, too, am trying to navigate my way thru this generation of texting, tinder and casual sex. It is like science fiction at times, soul less physical encounters between two individuals who are trying to feed their own egos instead of a mutual, chemical attraction. Anyway, it's time for new conversations and words and boundaries and this is just another unveiling.