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    • Ruchita_Ganurkar3 years ago

      Today’s ideal partner is somehow simultaneously your lover, your best friend, your equal co-parent, and your life coach.

      • DellwoodBarker3 years ago

        🦄💯🌈 Good Stuff; IMHO, which Ideally Begins on Healthy Balanced ♾QiGong♾ Feet of Self-Love/Peace/Care and Branches Outward ~ the Unorthodox and Unconventional and Creatively Cultivating Relationships Are the Way Forward 🦄💯🌈

        Personally, I feel the media should not focus so much on the details of their divorce. It really is none of our business, though any of these elite positioned should definitely be considering how impactful their decisions are for the future.

        I don’t know the True~True of any of the following (I need to research)~ just accurate?inaccurate? Info? that has crossed my Consciousness somehow like:

        Is it True Bill has been purchasing Native Land? He should be Gifting it back and step aside and collaborate with Native Leaders regarding Wisdom of Land and Water. Their farmland investments should be working with non-Monsanto efforts and seed exchanges etc.

        We are so quick to be fascinated by the sordid lives of the wealthy though that we’re forget to reflect on our selves. For instance, I am becoming more aware that I can do better in water conservation or plastic avoidance than I currently am. Not judging myself harshly, but things I need to remain aware of.

        Water and seeds are on my mind a lot as we are at spring doorstep and I’ve just viewed this fully. Anyone reading this I Highly Recommend Viewing this:

        Chased a bit of a rabbit Here.

        Off to Follow this Beautiful Day and Reach For the Sun