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    • chrissetiana
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      3 years ago

      with the right help, most people can get interested in almost anything.

      And right motivation.

      “You could not know the first thing about cancer, but if your mother gets cancer, you’re going to be an expert in it pretty darn quick,” O’Keefe said.

      Confronting my bias through this interesting read.

    • jamie6 years ago

      How about find a job! Does the plumber, garbageman, short order cook, find their passion? Find your 'Genius'? ... It just never ends.... This article gives some sanity to some peoples concepts of work and providing for themselves and their families. It is not always going to be your passion, hopefully it won't be torture..... Redefining the word 'work' becomes annoying and tired. It's work, some like it some do not but it is needed..... Those who choose not to work because they are not passionate about their jobs seem weak and entitled. Hunger and lack of shelter is a motivating force in finding your passion, passion to survive.