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    • bartadamley
      3 weeks ago

      Worthwhile deep dive on the issues, as well as few social benefits drinking may have societally. What a complicated story on the socially accepted stimulant… alcohol.

    • Jessica
      3 years ago

      Interesting look at the history of drinking in various contexts.

      The social context of drinking turns out to matter quite a lot to how alcohol affects us psychologically. Although we tend to think of alcohol as reducing anxiety, it doesn’t do so uniformly. As Michael Sayette, a leading alcohol researcher at the University of Pittsburgh, recently told me, if you packaged alcohol as an anti-anxiety serum and submitted it to the FDA, it would never be approved. He and his onetime graduate student Kasey Creswell, a Carnegie Mellon professor who studies solitary drinking, have come to believe that one key to understanding drinking’s uneven effects may be the presence of other people.