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    • bartadamley
      Reading streak
      2 years ago

      Fascinating piece on what the future of education should look like augmented by the internet. No longer should we place an emphasis on testing, but instead should base it on experiential learning.

      It turns out that the best way to cause change is for people to actually change someone or something else. We learn what we do, not what we’re told.

      Have we been wrong this whole time with the idea of a traditional lecture? Due to the increasing amount of educational resources we now have, it may be better to read that a blog post by the thinker whose lecture we were instead going to attend initially, maybe a podcast of theirs?

      If you want people to become passionate, engaged in a field, transformed by an experience — you don’t test them, you don’t lecture them and you don’t force them. Instead, you create an environment where willing, caring individuals can find an experience that changes them.

      All through my K-12 experience as a student, and even progressing onwards to my time as an undergraduate I always felt upset with my education, and how boring, disengaging it seemed to be. It is awesome to see people innovate on a wider-scale some much-needed changes to the education system as a whole. How do we facilitate an environment where individuals will leave an education with a passion and a firm belief that they can fundamentally do anything they set their mind to? This is the billion-dollar question...