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    • danielw2 years ago

      What a pile of drivel. I know many Trump supporters and there are many reasons that people support him. Some don’t like how progressive the Democratic Party has become. Others like his policies believe it or not. This article makes many assumptions and oversimplifies a lot. It’s not just about white pride.

      • Peachy2 years ago

        While I find some of the points stated by the author intriguing, I do feel other points are simplified. The white pride notion escapes me—and I would agree that many stand with Republican policies. There clearly are “shy” Trump supporters who feel unsafe from rabid Democrats who espouse tolerance. In the end, I am mystified that the two candidates we have are Trump and Biden.

        • danielw2 years ago

          Agree with you on all points. It is very disappointing that these are our two options.

      • jbuchana2 years ago

        I've seen a fair number of people on the 'net who say that our Democratic party is actually right-wing in the rest of the world. I'm not sure that's true, but they certainly are far from progressive. With a few notable exceptions, such as Bernie. Although I've seen people on the 'net claim that he's pretty much a centrist to much of the world.

    • Florian2 years ago

      Great article. I wasn’t aware of the para-military army that’s being built.

      For me, this has long been the key question:

      why does it seem like no amount of logic, evidence, or factual information about Trump has any impact on the support of a typical white Trump voter?

    • kurpels2 years ago

      Important take. And probably the most frustrating one: that white nationalism is a good thing to some people 🤦‍♀️

    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekReading streakScoutScribe
      2 years ago

      WOW, there is so much to consider contained within this article. Really well written and thought provoking. A must read and my vote for AOTD. Thanks normanbae for this post!

    • normanbae2 years ago

      Understanding those who support Trump while seemingly contradicting their own beliefs. As a minority myself, this reading presents a couple of nuances I hadn't considered.

      "Although a portion of Trump voters are self-identified racists and proud of it, many of them will vehemently claim that they’re not racist — and they’re probably right, at least in the same way that many white Democrats are not cognitively aware of being racist even though they use structural racism to their advantage and exhibit an unconscious bias toward nonwhites."

      "Trump supporters feel alienated, and this feeling is compounded when the left dismisses their complex feelings as pure racism and/or unvarnished white nationalism. By denying and failing to validate the existence of “white pride” — not in the white supremacist sense, but in a more basic sense of alienation and disenfranchisement — the Democrats have handed Trump and the Republican Party a powerful tool of emotional persuasion similar to Hitler’s power over alienated Germans in the wake of World War I, a power that pulls at the core identity of voters and takes logic and factual persuasion totally off the table."

      "If Democratic leadership understands what’s going on, they haven’t yet figured out how to successfully address “white pride” and empower a significant number of Trump supporters to vote Democrat without also having to fight a rear-guard action against others on the left who accuse them of not being anti-racist enough."

      "Don’t get me wrong — I’m not suggesting the Democratic Party appeal to (or accept) actual self-identified racists and white nationalists. They are strictly Republican garbage. What I’m saying is that millions of white Americans understand themselves as neither racist nor nationalist, and right now they’re voting for President Trump despite his significant failures and shortcomings simply because Democrats haven’t figured out how to connect with them emotionally."