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    • Ksabey2 years ago

      I feel like this is a issue in the Tech startups these days, a lot of show and followers to get VC and other investors behind you based on likes and clicks. It a scary place that companies traded loose a billion dollars a year and valued at what it could be or may be down the road. He had a good thing started with $400 and was more worried about his ego. Now some small time people are out money, he and the board should be held accountable for something.

    • Abarlet2 years ago

      This company was unraveling from day one. Managed by ego rather than sound business strategies of quality and service, Homepolish is a classic business school study in What Not To Do. P.S. I never even heard of this company so all that spend on marketing was not very effective.

    • joshw2 years ago

      definitely good insight into the difference between what looks successful and what is successful. my takeaway: always be genuine; ask for help when you need it; hire your weaknesses; don’t be greedy; instagram is where fake people go to lie.

      • vunderkind2 years ago

        "Instagram is where fake people go to lie."

        Tremendously pithy line. I feel like whenever I read about a fake-successful business nowadays, they always have a brilliant Instagram profile.

    • vunderkind2 years ago

      Worth a read if you're interested in Key-person Risk