1. @Ksabey
    • Ksabeycommented2 years ago

      I think it’s a shame that this article was even written or given attention. Who knows what’s true our leaders on both sides have been lying to the voters since the beginning of time and now the media, journalists and companies have chosen sides which is a problem for all sides. The Trump administration is done let’s move on and it would be nice if legislators actually started doing there jobs and created policy instead of having the executive branch just issue executive orders.

    • Ksabeycommented3 years ago
      washingtonpostCarl Goldman2/28/206 min

      Headlines sell...good or bad Unfortunately that’s the world we live in.

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      I feel like this is a issue in the Tech startups these days, a lot of show and followers to get VC and other investors behind you based on likes and clicks. It a scary place that companies traded loose a billion dollars a year and valued at what it could be or may be down the road. He had a good thing started with $400 and was more worried about his ego. Now some small time people are out money, he and the board should be held accountable for something.

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      blog.readup.comBill Loundy7/3/196 min

      I’d like to start by saying if anyone could answer these questions they would be the most sought after person in the tech industry. I don’t Believe that there is a “magic button”. Getting people to download the app will be the easier part but then getting them to use the app is another hurtle. I’m speaking from experience with my own app in the retail market I provide a service that delivers liquor wine and beer On-demand within an hour, it works great and people love it. The only problem is that people prefer to use third-party apps. I could be more competitive in the market, provide a better experience and price; we personally hand sell our app to customers and 98% of the time they don’t download the app and when they do only 10% of them use the app. In the digital world Influencers may be the best money spent for you guys. That will not work for me since I’m dealing in a small geographic area. I think this is a great thing that you guys are working on and I do think that it has legs, keep up the good work and don’t get frustrated.

    • Ksabeycommented4 years ago

      In my opinion, the author of the article likes to judge people and overthinks things. I believe we are all a little wasteful, on the other hand it helps stimulate the global economy. If people stopped buying out of pleasure and up cycled everything the economy would take worldwide. That’s why the environmental crisis is such a complicated issue.