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    DecryptDaniel Roberts9/26/213 min
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    5 reads
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    • bartadamley1 year ago

      This is a very resonant article, as I strive to become a full-time employee of 2-3 DAOs in the coming months.

      Being paid in tokens (equity) for the communities in which I am involved with seems like a natural next step for the internet. And not to mention the chaotic nature of being involved in multiple Discord Servers, seeing where additional help is needed, to earn more tokens.

      There are surely some ups as well as downs. But I remain a DAO optimist, and really believe getting involved with a DAO is the cutting-edge of digital organizations. Incentivizing early adopters is a great thing, especially for any newly formed communities, as it acts as a fire starter for community traction/desire to get more involved.