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    • loundytampa1 year ago

      I have friends in the NFT world. I have not invested yet… I’m still on the fence… Is this a fad? Or is this a great opportunity with on getting in early of a incredibly profitable investment… Only time will tell

      • KapteinB
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        1 year ago

        I'm getting some slight déjà vu to the ICO craze we had a few years back. A few investors became very rich. The majority now sits with coins that are basically worthless. Maybe buy a cheap NFT instead of a lottery ticket this week.

    • clex1 year ago

      Enjoyed reading this as every other thing written by Vunderkind

    • St_Gothica1 year ago

      Sometimes NFTs feel like a bad case of Tulip Mania but like Tulip Mania gave rise to the modern stock market, I believe NFTs will give rise to interesting applications of decentralized technologies. Well done @vunderkind!

    • thorgalle
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      1 year ago

      NFTs explained in layman’s terms, thanks @vunderkind! I wasn’t aware of the ERC standards yet and with the explanation of fungibility, concepts connected nicely!