1. Collaborative FundMorgan Housel10/4/1923 min
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    Collaborative Fund
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    • sjwoo3 years ago

      Come on, World War III! Get here already so we can enjoy even more innovation.

      All kidding aside -- what a great article. As the saying goes, "It's hard to predict anything, especially the future," but Housel does a fine job here, and I think he's right on the money.

      Speaking of money -- the takeaways might be:

      1. investing in healthcare and nursing homes seems like a smart thing to do.
      2. are any unions publically traded? (again, kidding, but at the time, seriously)
      3. invest in tech.
    • Pegeen
      Top reader this weekScoutScribe
      3 years ago

      Wow, I loved this article - fascinating! A must read. This is how history should be taught, makes so much sense. Going back in time, unearthing the main causes, seeing patterns and all perspectives, kind of makes me hopeful. We are living in a major historical time, a time of huge changes. We don’t know the full impact this will have but it will shape future generations to come.

      • vunderkind3 years ago

        Morgan Housel makes every topic, no matter how potentially ponderous, riveting to read.

        I love him so much!