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    • Pegeen
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      7 months ago

      I appreciate those that have responded to this article. I like to hear opinions around this important topic. Recently I went to a hair salon appointment. When I walked in, I could tell something was wrong, as the receptionist looked surprised. My hairdresser quickly came over and apologized, explaining she was running behind schedule. The receptionist had left me a message on my phone to reschedule. I laughed and said it was no problem and gave her my husband’s phone number. He always carries his phone and I never do unless going out of town. The customers could not believe it. I’m so grateful I don’t have this need to check my phone.

    • Joshua07 months ago

      The advice was to write a note to yourself to reflect and then set that note as you lock screen (I won't repeat it verbatim, read the article). That way, whenever you look at your phone to unlock it you are reminded.

      I'm still a password to unlock guy but I worry that the FaceID face scan to unlock crowd are the ones who might need the advice to unplug, the most, and also miss the benefit of this tip.

      Personally I am very careful to disable basically all non essential notifications from apps, who if you let them, will constantly ping you for attention.

      Try it now: go to your phone settings -> notifications and see what is turned on, they are all ON by default, switch the unimportant ones OFF.

      • KapteinB
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        7 months ago

        I guess the face unlock crowd can achieve mostly the same effect by replacing their wallpaper (and removing enough icons from their home screen to actually see the wallpaper).

        But then again, maybe step 1 should actually be to turn off FaceID.

      • bebo7 months ago

        Yeah, changing notifications and setting screen time has made big changes to my habit. After a few days at most my Lock Screen becomes invisible essentially. Banner blindness kicks in.

    • TripleG
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      8 months ago

      Good advice. How many times do you look around in a restaurant and see a whole table looking at their phones? A lot.