1. You must read the article before you can comment on it.
    • Karenz4 years ago

      I agree with the other two commenters that this article contains little new information. Most of us already know that whatever is the opposite of our normal impulses is what's going to help us live longer. Ice cream or kale—you know what I mean?!

    • Pegeen
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      4 years ago

      It took Harvard 30 years to reach these conclusions? Common sense if you ask me. And where’s the 5th habit? I wonder how much a study like this costs.

    • TripleG
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      4 years ago

      Almost everybody knows these 5 habits are good for your health. Diet, exercise,weight control, and limiting alcohol are mentioned in every article about health. The article doesn’t mention a fifth habit which must be non smoking. The article does give some tips on achieving success changing bad habits and increasing self control. Every trick helps !