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    • theesakker2 years ago

      The best rubric on this topic is from Michael Pollan and it goes, "Eat food - mostly plants, not too much". Commensense and easy to remember.

    • SEnkey2 years ago

      I really enjoyed this.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkar2 years ago

      ‘Our bodies can detect what a healthful food is. Our bodies are telling us that the most healthful foods are whole foods’

      Food, that inanimate object with which we are most intimately connected, is challenging not only what we think about human health but how we use science to go about understanding the world.

      parents should offer children ‘a reasonable variety and range of natural and unrefined foods’ and not worry about the specifics of what they choose. This idea, later known as the ‘wisdom of the body’, became an important thread in nutrition, persisting through nutrition inspired fads for particular foods and nutrients.