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    • sjwoo2 years ago

      It's highly subjective, the amount of water you need. Changes day to day with what you're doing, too. And it changes as you get older.

      As someone who has recently suffered from vertigo, a huge trigger is dehydration. I never drank before a run, but now I do it religiously, and thankfully it has almost eliminated the vertigo...

    • TripleG
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      2 years ago

      Just don’t get really thirsty.

      • TinaCamera2 years ago

        That’s my problem! Lol I drink when I’m REALLY thirsty and never when I’m just thirsty so I often drink in excess in one go because I’m so parched.

    • DellwoodBarker
      2 years ago

      Ummmm…I don’t usually find myself in a position to say this especially in regards to a NYT article but this whole article just screams bullshit within my being. I apologize because I do not usually have this strong of a reaction to something I read here and I mean no offense…

      Amongst the population here where we live though in the desert I have a strong feeling a lot of similar resistance to the info here would be vocalized.

      Now it is possible to drink too much water and actually die of it as well…someone here I know had a relative who passed from too much water…

      However, I know True-True that drinking beyond just when I am thirsty here is Very Very Important.

      This reaction again is not meant to be ugly or taken personally…just all the cells in my body are screaming Bullshit.

      • ctwardy2 years ago

        Then you share a passion with the author, who has a whole book on debunking health BS.

    • Ruchita_Ganurkar2 years ago

      Drink when you’re thirsty.