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    The New York Times CompanyTaylor Lorenz8/28/2011 min
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    The New York Times Company
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    • bartadamley
      Reading streak
      2 years ago

      So awesome.

      “some students are pursuing a third option: Renting giant houses with friends — sometimes in far-flung locales — and doing school remotely, together. Call it the rise of the college “collab house.”

      The idea of still going after the most crucial thing in college, 'novel experiences' in one's life, pursuing an online education in a complete different area with some of your closed friends. A 'collab house' is something I have been thinking more and more about, as truly now we have the technology that has made this possible with Airbnb (monthly rentals) as well as the bandwidth to 'commute' to our remote work/education every morning.

      “This is a little bit of a middle of the road option,” said Mr. Willis. “Online communities can do a lot of really great things but there’s some aspect of community that’s about proximity and that’s what we want to provide people.”

      Enclosing the proximity is a vital idea to ensure staying within the rhythm of working remotely. It is as if you don't necessarily need to be working on the same 'projects' or work, it just helps to be on the same page, of noting that this is my work schedule.. yet, I still would like to pursue what is most important at this age, seeking experiences. Little did we know all along... that the idea of a college education is little more than living in a dormitory. Startup house anyone?