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    • ctwardy2 years ago

      A deep reflection on Wikipedia, its contributors, and the role of this free, volunteer effort in building the commercial AI systems we rely on today.

      Wikipedia is well worth a $5 monthly contribution.

    • jlcipriani2 years ago

      Terrific article about an amazing endeavor - with the same engaging tone and inclusion of odd little facts that makes Wikipedia such a joy. You can feel the pleasure the Wikipedia contributors get out of writing the articles - and you can feel how much fun this guy has writing this article.

    • jeff
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      2 years ago

      Excellent article! I was totally unfamiliar with Wikipedia's origin story and early competitors. This is a great look at the culture that makes it such a success. I used to occasionally donate $20 or so every year when they'd do a fundraising drive but have since set up an automatic $5/month payment. It's such an amazing resource and easily worth many times that amount.

    • deephdave
      Top reader of all time
      2 years ago

      An elect few become administrators; while around a quarter of a million people edit Wikipedia daily, only around 1,100 accounts have admin privileges. The site is deep and complex enough—by one count, its policy directives and suggestions run to more than 150,000 words—that its most committed adherents must become almost like lawyers, appealing to precedent and arguing their case. As with the law, there are different schools of interpretation; the two largest of these are deletionists and inclusionists. Deletionists favor quality over quantity, and notability over utility. Inclusionists are the opposite.